More on the MMA.

Again we welcome you to our humble online/spiritual abode.

Often what this world considers the least, God considers great in His eyes and by this example, our humble group was born.

The history and foundation of our small group has an all to familiar beginning with great adversity. We all were going thru some significant event/s in our life that pushed us towards our simple obedience to fellowship.

Adversity regretfully is the usual common ground that motivates our hunger for fellowship and the local church, however there comes a time where God tests our maturity to see if we can still remain hungry, connected and faithful or of service regardless if circumstances appear to get better or worse.

Now many times we will fail and start over, but there will be times where we move forward. And simply, one cannot truly move forward in life without FORGIVENESS via the Holy Spirit.

“We place so much emphasis on the circumstances in our life, that we often forget what God is doing to our hearts.” – MMA

When I write my notes, I write as if I am writing to a very broken person. A person whose world has failed them, a person that has finally lost trust in this world and is ready to place their trust in God.

I keep in mind how broken I was and how broken my blood lines were and ask the Holy Spirit to allow me to place words of encouragement and comfort.

Words that are NOT about LIMITATION, but LIBERATION.

On behalf of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and on behalf of the very least of His brothers and sisters, I once again welcome you.

The MMA yes stands for the Mixed Martial Arts however to some it may mean The Ministry of Mens Accountabilty or even The Ministry of Multiple Advisors, however, what we place on paper will never compare to what the MMA means to us symbolically and spiritually, and this is my purpose.

It is all about spiritual warfare and what started spiritually must be put to rest spiritually.

Zechariah 4:6 NIV

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.”

Your brother in our war against sin,

Ray Evangelista


Acts 2:38