As 2018 Comes to a Close.

1 Samuel 16:7 CSB

“But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or his stature because I have rejected him. Humans do not see what the LORD sees, for humans see what is visible, but the LORD sees the heart.”

Good morning to our humble family of believers which are bound by a name that Jews to this day, would never say aloud in fear of the 3rd Commandment of using it in vain.

But we know now, by revelation that UNLESS we use His name for uniting the believer with the Holy Spirit in baptism, then all other uses are in vain.

Now we can use His mighty name for other things, however we will be avoiding the sole purpose on why His name was given.

Because when we have studied all the scriptures and all the biblical stories both Old and New, we should have come to a conclusion that it was never a teaching of what was right and wrong, but of order.

And the “believer” may want to use His great name in receiving the greatest gift of God, the Holy Spirit via Acts 2:38, before attempting to desire lesser gifts.

1Cor 12 ends it’s last verse 31 that we should “desire greater gifts, and I will show you the most excellent way”,

And then Chapter 12 ends and Chapter 13 begins on what “love” truly is.

As 2018 closes, remember the scripture above, because we often look at the outside of things more than what God is doing to our hearts. And the inside of the cup is where it starts.

In honor of King Solomon, there is no sense in having all the nice external things in life, if we DO NOT have the wisdom nor the maturity for it all.

Circumstancially, Jesus and his disciples were a mess, if you disagree you haven’t been in a life group with a dozen broken men in it! Lol and we had 40!

Man, we were a mess, BUT regardless how much we looked like a bunch of misfits, we made lots of noise and guess what?

It worked! And it continues to work!

Not by man’s intellectual STANDARDS, but by the FOOLISHNESS of God.

So meditate on how God humbled your heart this year.

Also meditate on how God trusted you with adversity and how your heart has matured and lastly, how much we have drawn closer to the Creator than to Creation.

The things of this Earth will only become strangely dim, if only a greater light, comes into our hearts and life. As the MOON 😉 yields to The SUN/Son every morning as a testimony of this.

So let us be CONTENT and NOT COMPLACENT as this year closes everyone.

For this is not only the day, but also the YEAR God had made and let us likewise be glad and rejoice in it!

To the Author and Maturer of each of our faith, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Your brother in our war against, fear, depression, anxiety and everything left brained.

Ray Evangelista,


Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.


One question for you all!

For 2019, will you give God and others FULL CONSENT to “USE” you?

By answering “yes” we understand that we will be “used” in the worse scenarios possible and used without NO expectations of receiving anything in return other than the joy it solely creates in our heart to bless and love someone.

Intro: The Origin of Dreams

“dream interpretation becomes very difficult due to the fact that the left hemisphere is forced to interpret what the right brain has created using a language the left brain does not understand.” – The Dream State

“While your whole brain works together, there are certain things that the right side and left side specialize in. The left side is the timekeeper, is concerned with words, reading, talking, math, logic and all that jazz. The right side is visual, spatial, emotional.

I was reading an article that explained how dreaming is unilateral, or, the majority of only one side of the brain is functioning at a certain time while asleep. The reason it’s so hard to write down dreams is because REM sleep is driven by the right side of your brain. Since the right side doesn’t care about time, it’s often difficult to figure out the sequence of events, or about how long it took for something to happen. 

It’s why you can’t read anything in a dream… that’s the left side’s job! Telling time also gets funked up because of this. The lack of the logic part of your brain makes you believe that stupid stuff in your dream is completely natural.
“Therefore, due to the lateralized remembrance of dreams, the left hemisphere of the brain must access the memories of the right brain when a person is asked to describe a dream or even to remember it. To access the memory banks of the right hemisphere, the left hemisphere must use the corpus callosum or anterior commissure. The left hemisphere of the brain is involved primarily in the encoding and recall of verbal, temporal sequential, and language related memories. As a result, dream interpretation becomes very difficult due to the fact that the left hemisphere is forced to interpret what the right brain has created using a language the left brain does not understand”

I think that’s so cool! I guess when you go lucid, you make the left side of your brain wake up to a certain degree.” – link


Interesting isn’t it? 

I believe that when we dream, either good or bad, both are positive signs that our body, Spirit and soul is finally leaning on the “philosophical” or abstract side of our brains for answers vs. the concrete intellectual answers that will never fill this void in our heart. 

I have faith that this revelation will plant a seed of love in your heart and til my next note on this topic, I pray that you all will stay reminded of God’s unconditional love, even in your darkest hour. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, who defines what is abstract and what is unpredictable as the wind, 


Brotherly love, 

Ray Evangelista