Why Are We Spiritually Starving?

When we are starving, our palate begins to broaden and things that we would normally not eat, we now consider because survival becomes our priority.

It is in these humble beginnings where we re-learn on how we should live by faith and to live beyond the labels of what is good or bad “food” simply to quiet these hunger pains.

But once “food” has become a blessing daily and routine, we tend to become more “selective” or “biased” on what we choose to feed our bodies and souls.

So as stewards of God’s blessed reminders, may we not become “narrow-minded” when it comes to how or where God may feed us.

John 6:35 NIV

“Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

“Narrow-mindedness” biblically is simply about ignorance. Ignorance is just a lack of diversity in one’s life.

Sadly, racial discrimination/racism has this same foundation of narrow-mindedness and ignorance.

Because if we ever allowed other “races” in our inner circle, we would had learned early in life that “color” had nothing to do with how we trust individuals. It is about faith and things that are not logical that builds relationships, like forgiveness and love.

So as gentle as I can say it, we should never be spiritually hungry.

The only reason why we are spiritual dying and starving these days is because of our narrow-mindedness or our lack of variety and diversity in how God may feed us.

The Non-denominational and Protestant movement was all about this simple fundamental truth. “The Just shall live by faith.”

It was all about LIBERATION and not LIMITATION. It was about freedom internally before the external and about achieving the highest level of order in our hearts vs an external order of laws and legalism. Preaching Self-discipline over disciplinary measures.

Like I tell my kids, sooner or later we need to eat more than just chicken nuggets and pizza.

In the name of Jesus Christ, your brother in our war against sin. Amen.

Ray Evangelista