My Birthday Message

Thank you all,😀😍

When I was a kid, I rarely if it all envisioned what and where I would be at 46, lol

But if today was my last day on Earth, I would be so very thankful for all that God had allowed me to experience regardless of the labels of what the knowledge of good and evil has placed on everything.

I had said this before, but it remains my heart to this day, that even though I did not possess the maturity for all of my blessings, God still allowed me to be a husband, father, brother, son, friend, and most of all, the highest honor in being a servant to His Kingdom and His people.

I missed the reminders of maturity that God had placed so obviously in my life at 18, 21, and 33. Sadly, this world has found a way to celebrate these ages with just more immaturity! Go figure.

But that’s the definition of Satan’s deception and better late than never and that is my goal with what is left in my life.

Our maturity aka self discipline, not only benefits us, but ALL that rely on us for faith, hope and God’s love.

And remember Job, that in God’s time, it’s never too late.

Because what we double bogey or lose on the front 9, God always finds a way to restore it exponentially on the back “9”, (lil golf terminology). 😉

I hope and pray, that my life is a reminder of God’s love in this manner and that truly God makes all things new.

Thank you all again 490, for your faith, hope and love for God and each other.❤️

In the name of Jesus Christ, whom by the Father’s will that we must honor in all that we do in word or deed.


Your brother in our war against sin.

Ray Evangelista