Why Did We Miss The Son of God?

One could ask, “if the pharisees and sadducees all dedicated their lives studying the scriptures, how then did they miss Jesus?”

God made them as an example of what we should not do. This is what happens when we only take what is literal and miss the symbolism in scripture.

Love is a very symbolic expression. Love and symbolism are both very right brain characteristics that complement each other.

Without this symbolism in a relationship there is no expression of intimacy and without this intimacy there is no love.

Once again, this is why the “Word” became flesh. If we understood the symbolism, we would have recognized Him. He had to come to set the record straight. He showed mankind that we were all wrong about our translation of the Word.

This is why He gave us the Holy Spirit. To “remind us” of everything that He taught us from the beginning.

John 5:46

“If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me.”

Nicodemus was probably so happy to have met the I AM personally. Sadly he could not share his joy with his colleagues. Sadly, that feeling is all to familiar to us these days.

So what can we learn from Nicodemus?

If we can be just a bit “right brain” for a moment, God just maybe able to speak to us.

Why the symbolism?

Because it takes FAITH to see the symbolism and faith is what pleases God.

Next, I have learned Nicodemus made a huge public testimony by helping with the burial of Jesus.

And notice that after he received who Jesus was, The Christ, Nicodemus had the power to overturn the crucifixion because they had to have majority rule. But I believe he allowed it. Because Nicodemus finally understood what Christ came to do.

He did not like it one bit, but I guarantee Nicodemus shortly after left his high position and lived a life sharing his story of how we must be born again.

There should be a movie about Nicodemus. I bet he cried so much. Everything he studied all his life, was now face to face with him.

He had the honor to have shook His hand who formed all things, he probably gave Him a hug and I bet Nicodemus had so many questions and enjoyed Jesus’ fellowship. He probably came to Jesus by night several times.

I bet he secretly gave financially to Jesus’ ministry because he knew that this is where it should go.

So much left out, but by faith I see the symbolism coming to life.

Nicodemus was the “People’s Victory” indeed.

Today, there are many Nicodemus’ out there in organized religion. And this is my ministry to find them.

Nicodemus (/ˌnɪkəˈdiːməs/; Greek: Νικόδημος) was a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin mentioned in three places in the Gospel of John:

He first visits Jesus one night to discuss Jesus’ teachings (John 3:1–21).

The second time Nicodemus is mentioned, he reminds his colleagues in the Sanhedrin that the law requires that a person be heard before being judged (John 7:50–51).

Finally, Nicodemus appears after the Crucifixion of Jesus to provide the customary embalming spices, and assists Joseph of Arimathea in preparing the body of Jesus for burial (John 19:39–42).

That Nicodemus was truly a protestant at heart. His story was all to great not to be told and is a blessed reminder of his love For God. I personally thank God for Nicodemus’ faith to live beyond what was written or literal.

Your brother in our war against sin,


Ray Evangelista.