Allergic to “SIN”. 

Had a revelation this morning.  
Being in the medical field for over 25 years I would always have people tell me that they were allergic to something but when I asked them what kind of reaction they had to the drug, many would reply,
“I don’t know, my mom told me when I was a kid and just stayed away from it.”

And I have heard this hundreds of times before and heard it again this morning from a 45yo but the Holy Spirit added a twist to this routine reply.  

“If we can avoid a drug simply by the word or the faith of a person we trust and love to stay away from something because of a “reaction” or a “side effect” or its potential that it can kill you, then why is it so hard to avoid the other things that also have “adverse reactions” in not only our bodies, but in our soul, relationships, homes and finances?”

I don’t know the answer quite yet, but this revelation this morning has given me a bit more compassion and hope that advice from someone you love and truly trust is powerful.

Brotherly love, 

Author: Ray Evangelista, RN

I was born an "Evangelista", I didn't choose to be in the ministry, the ministry chose me. However, I did choose to be a nurse and I have been a nurse for over 20 years and thankful that I can help the sick in some way daily.

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